The Perfect Pursuit.



Every so often we come across something that inspires us. Whether it be a person, a song, a moment in time… whatever. But it inspires us. It inspires us to do something different with our lives or maybe even make a difference in someone else’s. It inspires us to try something we may not have thought to try to before, or take a risk and do that thing that you have always wanted to do, but just never really decided to make time for. A lot of these moments have been happening to me over the past few months. I have suddenly felt overcome with a wave (or multiple for that matter) of self realizations, new found passions and hard lessons learned about life, love and what it truly means to have faith in God. These are things that are growing me up and probably turning me into the person that I am supposed to be.

Lately I have been inspired by God’s pursuit of me. God’s pursuit of everyone, really. How He relentlessly comes after us day after day, nonstop until He has us in His arms. But even still we will never be good enough, we will never be at that point where God feels like He can stop pursuing us. He will always want more, more, and more of us. With every breath we take and every step we take, He wants it. He wants all of it because He loves us that much and I could only imagine that it makes Him so happy whenever we give into the chase and rest soundlessly in His arms. It’s the same way I desire to be pursued by a man some day, and it’s the same way I desire to pursue the things that I love. Now, I understand that it’s impossible to find that same perfect pursuit from another human, or even engage in that perfect pursuit myself, but I would love to love something so much that I just can’t get enough of it. So now I find myself here . . .

Over the past year or so I have discovered a new love for basically anything creative; painting, photography and writing just to name a few, which is part of the reason why I decided to start this blog. With all the lessons learned, thoughts and realizations that run through my head on a daily basis I figured I might as well jot some of them down and share my “wisdom” with anyone that is gracious enough to read it. I have to admit, I had hesitations about starting this because I can’t help to think to myself, “Omg Corinna no is going to read this” and I might be right, but chances are that I am wrong. So I’m going to take the risk and do it anyways, and from this day forward, I vow to relentlessly pursue all the things that I love; and I think you should too. So, with all that being said, my blog has begun today. But, please bear with me as I get started, I am definitely not an English major and I can promise I will make some punctuation and grammar errors probably in every single post. Sooo, sorry in advance if it offends anyone, I ain’t perfect! But I also promise it will get cooler when I start actually writing about my experiences and putting up pictures of things that capture inspiring moments in my life. All cool things gotta start somewhere right? Right. So here’s my attempt at being funny/meaningful/inspiring all at the same time. I’m thinking one post a week, every Sunday, so feel free to check back in then if you would like. Thanks for giving me your time and I hope you enjoy a little snap shot of my crazy life.