Thank You.



Thank you.

Thank you for speaking to my heart through other people. Thank you for giving them gifts with words that tie perfectly together and become a vessel of hope and inspiration for broken people all over the world. Thank you for knowing me and loving me, especially when people in this world see those same things you see and decide to turn their backs and walk away. Thank you for loving me with a love that I will never be able to reciprocate or even fully comprehend. Thank you for putting your song in my heart and your heart in my blemished, broken and far-less-than-perfect body. Thank you knitting me together intimately and personally enough to not make one single other person on this planet exactly like me. But instead you made me, and only me.

Thank you for breathing life into me and giving me this overwhelming urge and desire to live for something so much bigger than myself. For giving me the desire to live bigger and bolder in this lifetime than some people dare to even dream about. Some times I struggle with knowing exactly what it is that you want me to be. What is the exact story that you have scripted so personally for me? I don’t know right now, but the beautiful thing is that I am destined and determined to figure it out. All the little things that make me, me are like little light bulbs waiting to be strung together for a greater purpose to light up the world and expose its true beauty. It’s waiting for the overwhelming power to light up the darkness and even have enough light to shine when the sun is up, too. And I know that in the mean time, while you watch me figure it out, you give me little clues along the way that make the picture that much more promising, while you are smiling down with the biggest smile because you can see what’s to come. 

But until I figure that out, I will keep searching, and I will keep shining the things I do know to be true about myself. I will keep seeking out what exactly it is you are calling me to be. And for some reason I have this funny feeling that I will never know exactly what it is while I am still breathing on this Earth and it won’t all finally make sense until you have called me Home. The strings of lights won’t be completed until I am dancing with you in Heaven. But what I do know now, is that nothing else will matter except how much of a blessing I was for you on this Earth and for everyone else that surrounds me. Everything may be uncertain now, but I am a child of God and that is the only thing I know to be true. It holds promise and excitement for the amazing story that is yet to come. And for that I am eternally grateful.

 Thank you.